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Simply Lincoln

Profound Words by the 16th President

"Good news, from a reliable source,
is always welcome."
- A. Lincoln



2017 to the present. The New York Historical Society has used Mr. Wright when it wants to showcase the recurring event "Meet Mr. Lincoln."


2016. Mr. Wright was invited by the USS ILLINOIS Commissioning Committee to participate in the three-day celebration of the commissioning of the USS ILLINOIS SSN-786 submarine in Groton, CT. Mr. Wright made four speeches in three days to the crew, honored guests, donors, and U.S. Navy personnel.


2011-2015. Mr. Wright was used exclusively every time the Connecticut Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission needed the presence of the 16th president. The CCWSC was one of (if not) the most active northern state during the four-year commemoration, and Mr. Lincoln's services were frequently requested.


2013. Performed Aaron Copeland's "Lincoln Portrait" with the United States Coast Guard Band in Groton, CT.


2010-2011. Mr. Wright was one of seventeen Lincoln performers profiled in the exhibition “Being Lincoln” at President Lincoln’s Cottage in Washington, D.C.


2009. Professor Michael Burlingame and Mr. Wright retraced Lincoln’s visit through Connecticut in 1860 and presented a program on Lincoln and his words in the following cities: Bridgeport, Norwich, Meriden, Hartford, and New Haven. It was called "The 1860 Lincoln Lecture Tour."


2008-2010. Mr. Wright was appointed by Governor M. Jodi Rell to serve as Co-chair on the Connecticut Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission. He served alongside Co-chair Professor Michael Burlingame (winner of the 2010 Lincoln Prize, and author or editor of 12 books on Lincoln, including the 2008 two-volume biography Abraham Lincoln: A Life). Mr Wright was also the State Liaison Designee to the National Bicentennial Commission.

About Howard WRIGHT

Howard Wright is a life member of the Association of Lincoln Presenters, an organization dedicated to the serious interpretation of Abraham Lincoln, and has been performing as the 16th president since 2005.


Mr. Wright is 6’3”, yielding only an inch to Mr. Lincoln, and his appearance – stovepipe hat, real beard, authentic period attire, Kentucky-style accent, and high tenor voice – creates a memorable impression on any audience.


Mr. Wright is a middle school science teacher and Science Department Head at Renbrook School, located in West Hartford, CT.